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Step by step instructions [Pinterest] Make Money With Affiliate Links

In 2015, Pinterest had restricted Pinterest partner showcasing in view of a surge of malicious pins. Yet, as they improved their foundation and innovation to battle those spammers we currently are permitted to do offshoot promoting on Pinterest once more! 

Subsidiary Marketing is one of my preferred approaches to adapt a blog. Whenever done right it can turn out to be exceptionally latent. Utilizing subsidiary showcasing on Pinterest is astonishing in light of the fact that you have an entire armed force of pinners (more than 100 million!) that are there to spread your connection.

pinterest affiliate marketing
pinterest affiliate Marketing

So you will be curious, what's Pinterest affiliate marketing? basically, you share product you're keen on and once somebody makes an acquisition through your link you earn a commission off of that sale.

For example, if you made the choice to buy through one amongst my links, i might earn alittle commission, however there's no further price to you. There even are often bonuses for victimisation associate degree affiliate link!

It very could be a win-win. You get to resolve your reader’s issues by sharing superb product and reciprocally, you'll be able to earn some money!

Another question I’m commonly asked concerning victimisation affiliate links on Pinterest is…


The easiest thanks to get affiliate links for Pinterest affiliate promoting is to hitch what square measure referred to as affiliate networks. These networks square measure massive teams of individual affiliate programs. You be a part of the network and so among that platform you're able to apply to dozens of affiliate programs.

Some of my favorite affiliate networks are:
  • ShareASale
  • Comission junction
  • Amazon
  • FlexOffers
  • Impact Radius


This is an incredible inquiry and there has been A LOT of opposing data about utilizing Amazon member interfaces on Pinterest. Some state that Amazon reps have said it is alright, some state that the reps state it is carefully prohibited. 

This is what I state: 

It isn't justified, despite any potential benefits to chance your Amazon associate record. For my perusers and understudies, I prescribe not utilizing Amazon partner connects on Pinterest.


Here are a couple of recommendations from the most prevalent blogging specialties for offshoot promoting items you can stick on Pinterest. There are numerous different items you can turn into a member for, these are only a couple to kick you off! 

For extra thoughts ask yourself: 

"What kind of things would my optimal peruser need to purchase?"

Mommy Blogs - Make sheets like young man garments and fill it with your preferred youngsters' styles, baby snacks with every one of the nourishments your kiddos love and mother style with classy pieces from your preferred brands.

DIY + Crafts Blogs - Connection your preferred devices, create supplies, and motivation for future tasks. 

Cooking Bloggers – Make sheets + pins for your preferred kitchen apparatuses, cookbooks, covers and even machines for your fantasy kitchen.

Frugal/ Coupon Bloggers – Individuals love a decent arrangement. Offer sticks about organizations that set aside you cash, money back sites, day by day arrangement locales, banking, online dispatch stores, and so on.

Fashion Bloggers – Style sites are a goldmine for offshoot joins! Connection your preferred shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, shades, caps and so on.

Blogging About Blogging – Incorporate pins for your preferred specialty related courses, email suppliers, business apparatuses, online networking schedulers, blog facilitating and site formats.


1. Pinterest Affiliate Link Disclosures 

The most significant principle you have to recollect when adding member connections is to make reference to that it is a partner interface. In your stick depictions, Pinterest urges you to consistently reveal that it is an offshoot connection and partner systems require it. You can compose this inside your portrayal or use #affiliate toward the finish of your depiction.
This should be done so as to keep member systems controls and submit to FTC guidelines. 

2. Update Your Existing Pins 

Experience your sheets and see which pins you can add an associate connect to. Use offshoot joins for items that you have utilized and adored. This will set up trust with your supporters. To ensure you keep the quality and models of your image, remember this before you get excessively centered around the cha-ching. 

3. Make Boards Specifically For Affiliate Products 

A couple of models would be Tools and Resources or the Best Tools For Mompreneurs. This is an incredible option in light of the fact that your devotee realizes immediately that on the off chance that they click on a stick connect that they will be coordinated to where they can buy the thing. 

4. Make Strong Descriptions. 

Since your stick is going legitimately to a dealer's website and not your blog or audit, ensure that the title and depiction of each stick is useful and directly to the point. You can utilize a few sentences and consistently, consistently, consistently uncover. Keep in mind that these titles and depictions are what help Pinterest clients discover you when they do a pursuit. The better your portrayal is, the more deals you will get. 

5. Try not to Go Overboard 

I realize you are seeing dollar signs, however don't go insane with sticking a million subsidiary connections. That will mood killer your adherents quick! Utilizing subsidiary connections should be possible elegantly! 

You need to keep with the stylish of your image. In the event that you need to stick with a partner interface, ensure your pictures are in a similar style, look, and shading. Having conflicting sheets and sticks will effectively cause you to lose adherents and potential customers. 

6. Make Multiple Pinnable Images. 

The item you are advancing may accompany a pinnable partner realistic, however don't stop there. Consider making your own subsidiary realistic that agrees with your own marking. This will separate you from different pinners that are reusing similar sticks again and again. 

7. Utilize A Pinterest Scheduler 

Instruments like Tailwind can stream out your member sticks so you don't look nasty. Nothing is more awful than having 10 associate sticks straight appear in your newsfeed.

8. Do Not Use Short Links On Pinterest.

That means Pretty Link,, etc. In Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy, this is explicitly forbidden.

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